Full fat soy groat

Full fat soy groat


Full fat soy groat meal is primarily intended for the feeding of poultry and pigs, although it can also be used in ruminants, and is a feed rich in energy and proteins. It is obtained by thermal treatment of whole grain soybeans (dry extrusion).

In this way, anti-nutritive substances are destroyed to the required level, without damaging the nutrient part of the soybean protein. Therefore, we obtain an unrivaled natural ratio of protein, soybean oil, lecithin, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats.


By mulching treated soybean grains, the utilization of protein and the availability of oil, as well as other nutrients in digestive enzymes in the digestive tract of animals, increases the utilization of the protein. In this way we obtain a product of high nutritional and biological value with inactivated nutritive factors, which increases the utilization of proteins in the digestive tract of animals.